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Synchronic Sound Change in Cantonese

Sound change is a natural phenomenon. In Cantonese, the initial /n/ is gradually being replaced by /l/ and the final /ng/ being replaced by /n/ or /m/. However, resistance to such change is also a normal reaction by the general public, which misconstrues such change as lazy pronunciation (嬾音). The items listed below start with papers describing typical changes in Hong Kong Cantonese, followed by links to 粵講粵啱, a popular show produced by Radio Television Hong Kong to address legitimate mispronunciation as well as perceived "errors":

Cultural Units

Rituals in Weddings

A collection of 7 videos posted to YouTube by YanStevenUT about a wedding in Taishan. The videos correspond to 7 major stages of a Cantonese wedding.

  1. Party of bachelor escorting the groom to the bride's house
  2. Lucky money for opening the door to the bride's house
  3. Sending the bride away
  4. Receiving the bride in a sedan
  5. The bride entering the groom's house
  6. Wedding reception
  7. Toasting at the reception