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Dim Sum

  • History: Silk Road & the City of Canton
  • Hāgáau 蝦餃 "shrimp dumplings": King of Dim Sum
    • Origin
    • Demonstration by a Master Chef
    • Handouts
  • Tīm Hóu Wahn 添好運 "Tim Ho Wan": First Michelin-Star Dim Sum Restaurant
    • Inteview of Owner
    • Handout
  • Menu with Pronunciation
  • Other YouTube Videos


Cantonese Applications

Cantonese Blog

  • 阿擇 (Chaaak): Chaak is a linguist and Cantonese blogger and this is his personal blog. All of his articles are written in pure Cantonese with very high quality, whic can serve as excellent reading materials.
  • 迴響– 粵語流行文學雜誌 : Resonate is a Cantonese literature magazine. All articles are written in pure Cantonese, one of the best Cantonese reading resources.
  • Cantonese Proverbs

Cantonese Online Dictionaries

Cantonese Pronunciation & Romanization

Cantonese Textbooks

  • Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur Quick & Simple Cantonese Chinese by Pimsleur Language Programs: Audio CDs best suited for beginners with no prior exposure to Cantonese.
  • Colloquial Cantonese: The Complete Course for Beginners by Keith Tong and Gregory James: Thematically based and best suited for beginners with some prior exposure to Cantonese.
  • Cantonese Basic Course by the Foreign Service Institute: Available for free online; best suited for beginners who work well with language pattern drills.
  • Teach Yourself Cantonese by Hugh Baker and Pui-kei Ho: Thematically based and best suited for intermediate students.
  • 粵語速成: 初級教材 Cantonese Fast Course: The Beginning Level: This is the first level of a series of textbooks published by the Yale-China Chinese Language Center, Chinese University of Hong Kong. The series is written in Chinese and is thematically-based with grammar and pronunciation notes.
  • 粵語速成: 中級教材 Cantonese Fast Course: The Beginning Level: This is the second level of the series.
  • 粵語速成: 高級教材 Cantonese Fast Course: The Beginning Level: This is the third level of the series.
  • Oneline Resources: Omniglot - Cantonese


Youtube & Other Platforms

  • Bilingual Play 在家玩學中文: Cantonese is taught through creative art projects.
  • Cantonese with Brittany: Strongly recommeded for Cantonese learners! The videos have subtitles in Jyutping, characters, and English translation.
  • Catnonese Talk Show (廣乜東東啊? RDV Talks Cantonese): The hosts talk about parenting, current events, and other topics.
  • Funny videos about "trendy" expressions (潮語) in Hong Kong
  • Comic cross talk (相聲) in Cantonese
  • The host, a mother passionate about passing Cantonese culture and language to future generations, has created videos for children and a podcast for Cantonese immigrant parents.
    • Hey Mommio : In the videos, the host teaches vocabulary, reads stories, and talks about other fun things.
    • 我們這些媽 Us Mommios: In the podcast, the host interviews other parents from different countries about their personal experiences and other topics.
  • InspirLang: This is an info channel that talks grammar, idioms, and other topics. Inspirlang is an online language school that offers classes in Gwóngjāu Cantonese, Mandarin, and Taishanese, which is a variety of Cantonese.
  • KAM Family Productions: The host, an immigrant from Hong Kong, documents his family life in the U.S.
  • 好易煮 oe cook: This is a Cantonese cooking channel that allows you to select Cantonese or English subtitles.
  • Rapping in Cantonese by ABC Jin