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Welcome to the Cantonese Alliance. Our mission is to build a community to preserve Cantonese.

If you're interested in joining us or having your Cantonese organization listed under "Community," please fill in this form and/or contact Lee Dennig at

There are over 85 million Cantonese speakers worldwide with 73 million residing in China (Ethnolgue, 2020). Who are Cantonese people? Where did their ancestors come from? What are the challenges that the language is facing?
This website provides links to communities that are interested in Cantonese study, including other departments, overseas Cantonese programs, Stanford student organizations, local community groups, associations, and cultural centers are listed.
This web page is devoted to learners who view Cantonese as a heritage language. Learning Cantonese helps to define who they are and describe the characteristics of their Cantonese.
Language learning material, sites for authentic Cantonese, and resources such as software for reading text in Cantonese and for inputting Cantonese characters are presented on this web page.
This page describes the key language skills for different levels of proficiency in spoken Cantonese. Samples of student production are included to illustrate the different levels.
This page presents information about the coordinator and the different teams that support the alliance. If you're interested in joining any of the teams, please contact Lee Dennig at
Movies provide authentic Cantonese language and cultural materials to language learners. This page presents handouts for popular movies.
This page presents handouts about grammar, vocabulary, current events, and thematic topics such as the history of SF Chinatown and the characteristics of the Cantonese language.



  • Canceled due to the pandemic.


  • Tours of San Francisco Chinatown, 1/26 (Sat) and 2/3 (Sun), from 11:30 to 4:00ish.
  • Chinese new Year Celebration & Performance, 2/9 (Sat), 12:00 to 1:30ish, Havana Room, GCC
  • Making sesame sticky rice balls to celebrate the Chinese New Year: week of 2/4, in class
  • Making Cantonese-style sticky rice dumpllings to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival: week of 5/20, in class

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